Recent goings on January 2015!


Well what a great end to 2014 we had!  Overall a fabulous year, starting with the release of our new CD 'The Tree' which is going down very well by all accounts. 

Touring both as the duo and as Risky Business again and creating some very special times and memories once again it rushed us forward to now .. 2015!
We mean it! Where on earth did the time go? 

The title track of our Album 'The Tree' has recently been used towards promotion of 'The lonely tree' in Llanfyllin, which was blown down by the early 2014 storms. The tree being approx 200 years old now is struggling on with help from local residents who have tirelessly backed the roots up with soil, built fences around it to protect it from further damage, in the hope it takes grip of the earth and its life and flourishes once again.  More good news came through at the end of summer when it was put forward for the 'Welsh Tree of the Year 2014 ' and it won!

Since then we have represented it in various formats including for BBC Radio Wales Country programme where we could be seen singing away by the side of the tree to a small audience of people who are passionate about its survival in continued life an also the history books too. 

More recently the Tree has now been put forward as a contender for the 'European Tree of the Year' and you can vote for it in February.  It would be fabulous if as many of you would do so to help it win!  We'll keep you posted via the site and also our Facebook page as to when voting opens.

We will be recording the Tree live again over the next few weeks as part of a programme of events about the tree involving the Press, BBC, Radio and more. Lets hope with all that exposure and support the Lonely tree will win the award!

2015 starts quietly for us as far as gigs are concerned, but we are in the Studio again with Ken giving himself a headache at the control desk.  Me  ..I just get up and sing when I'm told too. The most difficult part for me is keeping Mable away from the Microphone,  as she can be quite vocal when she decides to come in and pay us a visit.  Guaranteed its always when we are doing a take and not just a run through! 

From February we start to get out on the road with our first gig being a local one in support of St Illog's Community Hall and Church. Like our own Community Hall, it to needs help and support.  Thereafter we begin to visit clubs around the UK, both as the duo and as Risky Business.  Due to ours and Dave's own commitments with Other Roads, the Risky gigs will be limited. So if you missed us last year get booking a seat for one of the few concerts we'll being doing as the trio this year. 

Our dates are already taking us into 2016 which is fabulous. Our Concert Dates page has all the current confirmed dates and as and when more are confirmed we'll keep adding. So remember to keep looking for one near to you.

We continue to be involved with Llanwddyn Events our small team of power packed ladies who like me enthuse on organising a good do ..especially our folk festival which this year 4th/5th and 6th September.  It sold out last year which was great and already half way to selling out this year too and its only January! 

Music is such a wonderful thing, giving so much to everyone including the people performing too.  We wouldn't be doing it otherwise. 

We hope to see you sometime soon, meanwhile take care, hug each other lots and have a great year!

Love Ruth and Ken