The 2020 blues!

Well what a dreadful year its been for us all so far.  Such a sad worrying time.

We have lost loved ones, watched hearts break and heard cry's of despair from people all over the world. 
We have seen unity, compassion and kindness we can only liken to the people of past wars.

This pandemic can be beaten! It's up to us as individuals to make sure we all get through such uncertain times, by using our common sense with regard to staying safe, abiding by the rules and looking out for each other.  We have witnessed some bonkers, selfish and inconsiderate people, behaving in an appalling manner, who if we see a second wave, will no doubt have played an integral part in encouraging it.  Please ... those people, STOP and rethink what you are doing everytime you step out of your homes. 

It has been hard for every industry, including the Arts, Music and creative scene and will take a few years to recover for sure.

Although all our concerts, workshops and gigs have been cancelled and many not yet able to be rebooked, we still feel blessed. We're fit, well and in a safe place, in a beautiful part of the world.  Money is tight,  but we'll manage like everyone else is having to.  Humans have an amzing ability to get through the toughest of times. 

We have enjoyed providing mini live vidos to you via social media,  all of which can be viewed on our YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to if you'd ike to. Exitingly 2021 may well see the produciton of our 3rd CD as the duo and we're really looking forward to working on it over the coming months.

Who knows when things become 'normal' again, but while we wait and watch in the months and years to come, lets keep looking after ourselves, each other. There are lots of people who have had to get through this pandemic alone and to know that someone has got an eye on them, to ensure they are okay must be a real comfort, even if ts just a quick phone call or wave through the window.   

Kindness is a wonderful and powerful thing. 

So.. everyone, stay safe and see you soon we hope.

Lots of love to

Ruth and Ken xx